• European Consortium TRABIT

    TRABIT is a European training network focusing on computational brain imaging in clinical applications. Read more

  • TRABIT conference

    The final TRABIT conference is held on 7-10 Sep 2021. Read more

  • Training School in Lausanne

    The second TRABIT summer school was hosted by EPFL in June 2019. Read more

  • Training School in Munich

    The first TRABIT summer school was hosted by the Technical University of Munich in October 2018. Read more

The "Translational Brain Imaging Training Network" (TRABIT) is an interdisciplinary and intersectoral joint effort of computational scientists, clinicians, and the industry in the field of neuroimaging. Its aim is to train a new generation of innovative and entrepreneurial researchers to bring quantitative image computing methods into the clinic, enabling improved healthcare delivery to patients with brain disease. Read more